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Monday, May 28, 2007

No blood for... blood

Once again, modern Medical Science vindicates the Popes' repeated warnings, ever since Sanguis Humanae in 1968, against violations of the ancient Scriptural injunction to "keep yourself from blood". "Enlightened" opinion mocked the Popes - that Monty Python satirized this stance with their song "Every Platelet is Sacred" proves ipso facto the Holy Father to be correct - yet we cannot ignore the inconvenient truth that modern blood transfusion technology is the poisoned fruit of such evil scientists as Josef Mengele, who conducted hideous experiments on concentration-camp prisoners. And as for the so-called "Protestant" churches... they stand, once again, condemned. For if they blithely approve, without any apparent qualms, a medical procedure that has a 25% failure rate, how can they possibly be speaking the Word of God?

"Medics' transfusion warning "

Grant McArthur

Herald Sun (28 May 2007),21985,21803500-662,00.html

ONE in four blood transfusions may be unnecessary and risking patient lives, leading medics have been told.

Blood transfusions were a "religion" that had never been safety or efficacy tested, US cardiothoracic specialist Prof Bruce Spiess told the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists annual scientific meeting in Melbourne.

Research showed Jehovah's Witnesses who refused blood transfusions had better survival rates from heart operations than patients who had normal transfusions.

Sixty-five per cent of transfusions stem from surgery, of which anaesthetists are responsible for half.

Prof Spiess said alternatives including minimising blood loss and maximising oxygenation should be examined.

His views were supported by Dr Peter McCall of Austin Health, who said an audit of fresh frozen plasma transfusions at Victorian hospitals had shown a third were inappropriate.

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