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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beware the Australian Timocrats!

Does this mean the next item on the Democrats' political agenda: forcing Islamic schools to feed children with bottles?

"Her name is Bin Ladin "
(9 August 2004)

Whether you spell it Bin Ladin or bin Laden, they are family, explains Carmen Bin Ladin, estranged wife of Osama's older half-brother Yeslam. In her memoir, Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia, she reveals the literally veiled life she led within the family compound in Jidda, where she lived from 1976 to 1985. Of Swiss and Persian heritage, Carmen now lives in Geneva with her daughters.

Did you know Osama?

Because I am a woman, Osama, who is strictly devout, wouldn't see my face unveiled or sit with me. He came to personify how powerless I had become as a female in Saudi society. At a family gathering, once, I wondered why Osama's wife kept trying to feed their infant son water with a spoon. This baby was just too tiny to use a spoon, and he was howling with thirst. I asked, "Why not use a bottle?" Osama wouldn't allow it, I was told; it was his religious conviction that babies only be fed by breast or with a spoon. [...]

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