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Friday, July 21, 2006

Take me out, into the black, black of Night

UPDATE: Slate partly recants its earlier hostility towards Captain Shyam.

Finally got around to watching M Night Shyamalan's The Village (2004) on DVD. The last DVDs I watched before that were (as my co-blogger may have mentioned) the Firefly TV series and Serenity movie, by Joss Whedon. I am struck by the similarities between the two...


1. Story created by a famous and much-criticised screen auteur who attended prep school on a different continent and who has sought, generally successfully, to revive the genres of the supernatural thriller and the superhero saga.

3. The populace are colonists who live in American Old-West-style farming villages, who are ruled by stern-faced "Elders", and who speak a strange patois of portentously ponderous 19th-century Americanese.

4. Their hard-scrabble farming communities are periodically attacked by mysterious, cannibalistic half-human raiders with hidden faces.

5. Origin of said raiders is a mystery and those in power know something about said origin that they ain't a-fixin' to reveal publicly.

6. One character, not "right in the head", suddenly stabs another with a knife.

7. Hero[es] forced to make risky but unavoidable journey from the fringes to civilisation to obtain modern medical assistance for dying friend.

8. Compare Joaquin "Lucius Hunt" Phoenix with Sean "Simon Tam" Maher:

Click image to expand.

poor River's brother #1

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poor River's brother #2

9. And compare Christina "Bridget/ Saffron" Hendricks with Bryce Dallas "Ivy Walker" Howard (or should that be Bryce "Ivy Walker" Dallas Howard?).

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Christina Hendricks

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[Ritchie Cunningham had a daughter? With whom? Turanga Leela?]

Both of whom also look way too much like Murdoch journalist Elisabeth Meryment (who interviewed me once, over a decade ago) for my liking:

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