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Monday, July 24, 2006


This is a day that will be long remembered. At last I have found out the true lyrics to the John Williams Star Wars theme music. No, not the execrable "Life Day" song that Princess Leia sang to the Wookiees of Kashyyyk in the 1978 Star Wars TV Holiday Special, but a considerably more oomph-y number sung by none other than Bill Murray, originally on Saturday Night Live. Here he reprises it for two US radio jocks, Lex and Terry. (Warning: this comes as a rather large MP3 audio file that you'll need to download.)

More Star Wars news: Lucasfilm has announced that Peter Mayhew will be starring as Chewbacca in Episode III. And a petition is doing the cyber-rounds seeking a sympathy cameo for "the Star Wars kid". This unfortunate Quebecois teenager made a video of himself swinging a broomstick around like a lightsabre - but only because he had to, like, y'know, film something for a class assignment, you understand. It wasn't like he, like, wanted to pass himself off as some kinda wannabe Jedi. Then some of his classmates copied the video and distributed it over the internet without his knowledge or consent, causing much embarrassment. Bastards. Now it's travelled around the cyber-galaxy almost as quickly as Cherie Blair singing "When I'm Sixty-Four", or the story of the even-more-unfortunate Claire Swire. One maestro set it to a dance track, with a techno-remixed version of the Williams score and samples such as Obi-Wan Kenobi intoning "You cannot escape your destiny". So now others have taken pity (Pity? It was pity that stayed his hand ! - wait, sorry, wrong Dark Lord) on this kid, who goes by the Tim-Zahn-ish name of Ghyslain, and sought to compensate him by getting Emperor George to grant him one of those ¾-of-a-microsecond-long roles (like Anthony Daniels' bare-face cameo as a space pilot in the Coruscant bar scene) that will never be noticed by anyone who doesn't have a DVD player, a visible bum-crack that starts immediately below the ponytail, and way too much spare time. Who says there's not Balance in the Force?

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