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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Be An Anarchist, Wot`? Fink for Yoursewf!

Just saw V For Vendetta and am now keenly aware of the violence in'erent inna system of Mawgrit Fatcher's Bri'ain. Sounds like the Poms need to kick out the Conservatives, quick, and elect a Labour Government so it can keep them out of "America's wars."

Two things puzzled me, though. I don't mind the Rolling Stones' Street Fighting Man, but -- as music for the closing credits of V4V?

(1) Mick Jagger is a multimillionaire, who on several occasions has endorsed a vote for the British Tory Party. (I wonder how many voters tried to find the "Conserthatithe" candidate on the ballot that Mick was referring to?) Keith Richards is a devoted family man and devout churchgoer. Whose signature is on the form assigning the Wachowski broth-... err, siblings the rights to use the song? Brian Jones'?

(2) My immediate thought was "Wouldn't The Procreative Pistols' Anarchy in the UK be more appropriate?" Well, sounds like thousands of others - about 25,200, according to God - had the exact same thought. Who said voluntarist decentralised social systems can't be self-coordinating?

UPDATE [1]: That was a week ago. Now, as of 9 pm Sunday 10 April, the count is down to a mere 16,900. Someone's killing them off one by one!


Qraal the Imperator said...

Oh lowly supplicants of the Almighty Q'raal, I have found thine cowering place where thee dare to blaspheme My Holy Nomen.

Sid Vicious said...

Anarchy! Bl**dy *ell!

Never mind the Bollocks, lads!