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Monday, April 11, 2005

Hillsong is the Liberal Coalition at prayer

From an ABC AM transcipt entitled:
"Panel discusses Christianity, multiculturalism in Australia"

Well, not multiculturalism, really. A nod to Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism maybe. But mainly concentrating on Australian understanding of and practice at Easter.

Did you hear the one about the the Anglican, the Uniting Churchman and the Sociology Professor? Read the article for more. It's an interesting discussion in and of itself.

Note the following quote about Hillsong:

DAVID MILLIKEN: That sort of money [$40 million] gives you a lot of power, and it’s interesting that John Howard and Peter Costello, they see that as their church. John Howard was there at the opening of the church. Hillsong is the Liberal Coalition at prayer, because Hillsong is a type of theological representation of the underlying economic rationalist views of the Howard Government.
Emphasis mine. Sounds kinda familiar? Tom, whatever happened to The UCA and the Australian Democrats?

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