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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Demonising youth of today tonight

From The Age:

The result was commercial prime-time current affairs television at its worst: a potent mix of voyeurism and exploitation that was light on news value but committed to presenting the most negative stereotypes of young people possible.

Like an abusive parent, Today Tonight placed the young people in a situation where they were doomed to failure and then punished them for failing.

The hypocritical reporting style adopted by these shows often exploits young people's commercial value while almost simultaneously condemning its consequences. In early March, Today Tonight covered Nikki Webster's photo shoot for men's magazine FHM. The week before, it crusaded against the sexualisation and commercial exploitation of girls in music videos and fashion.

Good reading. See the full article Demonising youth of today tonight for the rest.


Scott said...

Dear Father McKenzie

Today Tonight presented me as "cheating Australians out of their holidays" in October last year after a friend of Qld's Today Tonight producer, Karryn Cooper, contacted her after trying to extort money out of me.

The project I created Fijian Village Homestays is aimed at helping indigenous Fijians establish their own tourism industry and is supported at all levels in government.

After Today Tonight rand their sick expose on my project I established a page giving my response to their rubbish at this link


Stephen said...

Dear Scott

Thank you for leaving a message on "Father Mckenzie", my weblog.

However, for you to quote from "Father Mckenzie" in your website as you do without correctly attributing the source of my quote may be misinterpreted as misleading.

The source of these quotes about Today Tonight was from Melbourne's The Age newspaper.

I have pasted in the full article and URL for you at the end of this letter.

Please be so kind as to more accurately attribute your sources - as much as I share the sentiment of The Age's correspondent, I am reluctant to accept such comments as my own

Your sincerely