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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I am currently reading"Stupid White Men"by Michael Moore, at the same time as "Jihad" by Tom Carew and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" by JK Rowling.

Don't be surprised if I wind up thinking some reactionary ex-British SAS leftie who studies magic in secret is on a one-man mission to broker a revolution between the world of the ordinary and the extrordinary.

Back to Moore - I have read his intro, his new intro and Chapter one, and what strikes me is ho whe really feels he is not only onto something big that the rest of us are too lame to switch on to, but also how he is up against it the "liitle big man", if I may. He really considers himself a prophet.

If anywhere near what he claims to be true is actually so, then why hasn't anything be done about it? Does anyone take this guy seriously or is he just a ranting, raving loonie? No surprises that the US gvernment is captive to corporate interests, but is George Bush Jr really a puppet president? Someone please give me the facts (and not the Micahel Moore facts, either).

I saw bowling for Columbine, which was interesting if not disjointed and incoherent (more like a pastiche of smaller pieces quickly nailed together without a strong unifying theme) and I'm keen to see that Fahrenheit movie (although I have heard it is quite "out there").

Why is Michael Moore such a phenomena? Does he represent an idea whose time has come, but with far too much smug self-righteousness and fact bending to be taken seriously? If so, he is allowing hubris to squander an opportunity most of us never see.


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