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Thursday, July 29, 2004

How could you sink so low, Michael? A stunt that is beneath even John Pilger! Ripping off another artiste's work - and an Aussie to boot! Why do you hate us?
Moore took Aussie clips for hit filmJuly 27, 2004
AUSTRALIAN artist and filmmaker George Gittoes has objected to American Michael Moore's use of some of his work a controversial movie.Mr Gittoes said today Mr Moore had incorporated about 17 selections from his own documentary film Soundtrack to War into Fahrenheit 9/11.
They depicted American soldiers and their music in Iraq.

"Michael got access to my stuff and assumed that I would be happy for it to be in 9/11. I would actually have been quite happy for it not to be in 9/11."

"Mine's a better film. My film's balanced. I don't think there's a lot of balance in 9/11."

"When I finally discussed it face to face with Michael, I realised that no-one wants to be a spoiler. He's an artist and that's how he makes his work.
"He doesn't go out to Iraq like I do and dodge bullets. He makes it from mainly archival footage and the stuff that other people shoot."


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