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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"The shooting of The Hobbit will begin in February..." - no, nothing to do with the Pill, Third Rite Reconciliation, or tariff protections (thankfully)

"Yiss, thut uzz how we got over-stoffed. I unushully iggrid to take jist one ixtra kimera-min, bit thin huz brither turned ip too ind knocked on my door, ind thin huz brither dud too, ind huz brither, ind huz brither, ind so on untul we hid twilve pipple there and I couldn't rilly till inny uv thim to jist git lost ind go away."

The shooting of The Hobbit will begin in February with Sir Peter Jackson in the director's chair. Director Peter Jackson launched a fresh broadside at actors' unions Wednesday, as Hollywood executives and the New Zealand government continued talks on keeping "The Hobbit" in the country. Jackson said he was "incredibly angry" at the NZ Equity actors' union for launching industrial action which threatened his $500 million project without properly consulting its members. The Oscar-winning director also disputed NZ Equity's assertion that it called for an international boycott of "The Hobbit" last month after he refused to negotiate with it on minimum conditions for actors on the set. Jackson said the union called the ban, which has since been lifted, before contacting him about its concerns. [...]

- "Unions held gun to my head: Hobbit's Jackson" (27 October 2010)

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