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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kylie Eleison

'Singer Kylie Minogue is so desperate to wed Spanish model Andrés Valencoso in a church she is considering converting to Catholicism. The 41-year-old singer reportedly has her heart set on a traditional church wedding and may adopt his faith in order to have the ceremony of her dreams...''
- "Kylie Minogue wants to convert to Catholicism for dream wedding", The Courier-Mail (15 June 2009)

Hmmm.... Australia's Sweetheart decides that the theological subtleties of Unam Sanctam are unimportant compared to the fact that she really, really loves her latest overseas heart-throb. I'm sure this will end well... I was going to say "At least this time there won't be any disparity of cult, if she converts", but apparently some Protestant UQ Medical Student referred to Scientology as a "cult" years ago and Tom Cruise has needed counselling for it ever since.

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Tony said...

Oh wow, Kylie as one of "us" Goosebumps and tingling all over the local Church I imagine! This could be a bigger event than WYD08 with copycat conversions all over the country.

I can just see the new Kylie| Hymnbook in parishes" : Loco motion as the gathering song, Step Back in Time for the Psalm, "I could be so lucky" as the new most popular communion hymn.

Oh, and the opportunity for another 'Catholic celebrity" wedding. We haven't seen a decent show since Keith and Nicole.

Kylie is a bit of a gay icon, so she might have to get a new publicist to keep her in line with her new found faith. Perhaps some of the contributors to the discussion on this site could apply for the job.

We won back Nicole and now we could be welcoming Kylie. Who else do you think is out there on the "wanabe catholic" horizon? Please don't let it be George Bush or John Howard.