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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Nelson defends 9 per cent poll rating"

These opinion polls must, of course, be taken with a crayon of assault. Firstly, because it is widely recognised that journalists and the media are Secular Humanists. Secondly, because in many cases, the very second the pollster asks the typical householder "Do you wish your nation to be governed by Dr Brendan -" the said householder, outraged at the very idea thereof, will hear no more, but orders the pollster off the premises, usually turning the sprinklers or the dogs on them for good measure and yelling at them never to come back.

Nonetheless, the Nelson/ Warren Truss team doesn't seem to warrant much trust, or indeed to have much electoral traction at all against the Rudd/ Gillard juggernaut. I suggest the Nats boot their soporific leader and reach back to their glory days under Joh in Queensland, the height of their power, to resurrect this legendary vote catcher. After all, "The Nelson-Muntz team" has a definite cachet unto it.

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Stephen said...


Did you realise your Google link of the Millerite provides this gem:

"-Surat is 79km from Roma and has a population of around 500 people. Dr Brendan Miller is the sole practitioner in
this community and has rite of private practice. He also runs a pharmacy from his surgery and outreach services to
Glenmorgan and Wallumbilla. The hospital is comprised of 10 beds and deals mainly with chronic and long staying
patients. Due to the large number of aged patients within the community it is also necessary to perform health
assessments on a regular basis."