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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

After everything Glen A's done for you?!

Rick Springfield says he still battles with the depression that briefly ended his musical career in the 1980s - despite being lusted after at nearly 58... When he's not "getting possessed and burning up a sweat on stage," as he puts it, he's enjoying meditation nights with rock pal Richard Page, from the 1980s band Mr Mister. And if you thought that was lame for a rocker, Springfield also reveals he's a sci-fi geek. "I'm a toy freak. I've got about 10 toy guns, and I've just bought three ray guns. I've also got some really rare Star Wars stuff, action figures and Japanese tin robots. I collect weird s***. It must be a part of me that still lives in my mother's basement" ...

- Emma Pryer, "Rocker Rick battles blues - But his fans still go wild," Sunday Telegraph [Sydney] (19 August 2007), p 27.

Star Wars figures?!!! With that sort of ingratitude, the Sacred Scrolls foretell that Rick's chances of being cast in a cameo role on CSI Caprica ("Jeff Athanasius, complaining passenger on luxury starliner") are diminishing.

Well, I suppose you gotta love somebody. And take heart, Rick, at least you're doted on by Jennifer Garner, if not Leia Organa.

To be fair, gratitude goes both ways. Given that Ronmor and crew are lifting Jimi Hendrix tunes now, and given that "Jesse's Girl" has been used in other films (most memorably, in Boogie Nights), that tune would have made fitting background music to Zak and Kara creating their own private Tropic of Caprica in the episode "Act of Contrition".

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