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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Abrahamic Monotheism Religions of the Book Ecumenicism Award...

... for last year, went to Irene Khan, of Bangladesh, world secretary-general of Amnesty International:

'The Khan girls went to a private convent school run by Irish nuns. "You know, middle-class Muslims would send their daughters to convents because they trusted the nuns to bring the girls up with proper moral values. But you would get middle-class Hindus and middle-class Christians too; it was more of a mix than you get in a state school. So you earned English and you learned about tolerance and diversity".'

- Stephanie Bunbury, "Faith, hope and Amnesty," Sydney Morning Herald (14 October 2006), "Good Weekend," p 41.

But that's been topped by this year's entrant, one Ms Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan:

"It would be so nice to have the luxury just to laze. So nice to not have to always get up and get dressed for some occasion. Always having to move from here to there, where everything is scheduled and even having lunch with my kids on their Easter break has to be slotted in. Maybe one day..."

--  Ginny Dougary, "Destiny's child," Sydney Morning Herald (7 July 2007), "Good Weekend", p 21.

Easter break? In Muslim Pakistan?... To commemorate the day when "they slew [H]im not, nor did they crucify [H]im"?!

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