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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Maintaining the rage

SOME of Australia’s top entertainers have angered the Federal Government by refusing to perform for Australian troops in Iraq for political reasons. The Whitlams’ Tim Freedman is among a group of artists who have knocked back requests to play for Diggers because they don’t support the war. "I was asked, and decided not to go," Freedman told The Sunday Telegraph. "I went to East Timor and enjoyed the experience. I understand how hard the soldiers do it. In this instance, I don’t agree with the war..."

-- Peter Holmes, "Aussie singers snub Iraq Diggers," NEWS_com_au (24 September 2006)

Yeah, well, when you're a pop singer who names his band in honour of Blessed Gough, but who also performs at concerts for a nation of "mulattos" whom the Great One deemed unworthy of self-government, then ideological consistency is clearly a Very Important Thing for you, isn't it...

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