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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Episode III DVD

I have received the most recent "Homing Beacon", promoting the latest release of the (hopefully last) Star wars movie on DVD (Epidoes III of VI, of course!).

With interst I saw that Lucas had decided to include

" a brand-new full-length documentary produced by Lucasfilm Ltd. as well as two new featurettes -- one that explores the prophecy of Anakin Skywalker as the Chosen One, and the other that looks at the movie's amazing stunts. "

The real amazing stunt is how Lucas got his audience to swallow the prophecy line. Maybe this was the footage edited out of the movies that helped them all make sense - instead we had lingering scenes of Tatooine's twin suns melting into the horizon, more steely glares and pouts from Hayden Christiansen than we care to remember, and a hundred gazillion costume changes for poor Natalie Portman, along with some stupid droid sub-plot / backstory that went nowhere and added nothing.

George, a reminder from one of your now less-strong-with-the-force fans: story is at the heart of a movie, and science fiction movies demand this probably more than any other as there is so much disbelief to suspend. A prophecy about a boy conceived by midi-chlorians, conjured by Darth Sidious using the 11 secret herbs and spices recipe of Darth Sanders, is pretty central to an understanding of how the first three films tie together. Not backstory material. Unless, George, you are planning a Tolikienesque Silmarillion pre-prequel, with Eldar, Istar and Numenorians.

Too bad I'll have to be springing for the $30 needed to buy this so I can finally make sense of the previous $300 I have already thrown at the movies, DVDs books and games. Let's hope it's all been worth it. Maybe the prophecy will tell me to hand over my bank account details to George Lucas. Already done.

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