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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Scene from last Saturday evening: Spouse and I watching the Monk double-episode treat. In the first one, Lolita Davidovich plays a Natasha-Fatale-style circus gypsy. In the second, Glenne Hedly plays Stottlemeyer's wife in her usual loopy way.

Me during an ad-break in the second episode: "You know, there's something about those two guest stars..."

Spouse: "Well, I better not catch you looking at them too closely."

Me (musing): "Lolita Davidovich... Hmmmm... She's not the gal from The Fifth Element, is she?"

Spouse: "Someone has way too much spare time. Have you done your tax return yet?"

Me during next ad break: "Got it! The first time I saw Lolita Davidovich in a movie was Leap of Faith, while the first time I saw Glenne Hedly in a movie was Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! In other words, they've both played romantic leads to Steve Martin!"

Spouse: "All right, that's it -- you've been watching way too much Monk."

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