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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Revenge of the Kiwis

Why does it seem that many of the movers in the Emerging Church scene are Kiwis? Is is that those from the Shaky Isles feel the need to make their mark on the world, as did the most esteemed bee-keeper, Hilary of Auckland? Or is there something more afoot in the land of the Long White Cloud?

For example:

Mark Pierson - Executive Director of Urban Seed, - "Mark Pierson has been a minister in NZ Baptist Churches for 22 years".

Tallskinnykiwi - the name says it all (actually it doesn't - his name is Andrew Jones

Postkiwi - "Duncan Macleod, a Kiwi living on the Gold Coast, Australia"

e~mergentkiwi - "Steve Taylor...a role as lead pastor at Opawa Baptist in aotearoa new zealand."

Perhaps this is a result of NZ's bold "free trade agreement" - IMPORTING FROM THE WORLD.

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