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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

Is Glen A, larson turning in his yet-to-be-occupied grave (Mr larson is alive and well and living in Salt lake City Utah)

battlestar galactica ver2.0 screened on Brissie TV on Friday and saturday nights - and the fans were not disappointed. It's not often that a great new sci-fi series comes out (we hope that BG will also fulfil this expectation!)

3 points

1. Characters names - just call them "Adama" "Apllo" "Starbuck" - no need o use "nicknames or callsigns. They might as well have bizarro names - hey, evrything else in this sf reality can be weird, why can't the characters?

2. Datedness - I was at first confused - was this a remake or a sequel? The Galactica turned into a museum? schematic diagrams of 1980's era cylons? only the "old model" colonial vipers work? get it together guys. do you want retro or not?

3. cylons - "creartd by man" - what, ther terminator premise? now they resemble humans? invasion of the body snatchers? But there are only 12 models. Not good enough. Are the cyclons invented by a Henry Ford - "You can have any colour you want as long as it's black"?

POSITION VACANT: Socialator. Must be blonde, female, attractive and hopelessly addicted to uber-masculine Colonial Warriors. Passing resemblance to a Charlie's Angel will aid application. Must have seen "Xanadu" at least 10 times, and enjoy Discos, bad-hairdos, and Saturday morning re-runs.

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Bubbles the Terrible said...

From Stateside:

Dude, so far it's only getting better. Totally addicted now.

...and face it, Starbuck's just dreamy...