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Saturday, August 07, 2004


From Star Wars .com

In developing the look of Kashyyyk, the Art Department first turned to the much-maligned 1978 television special to see what had come before. "We watched that on a loop about four or five times, avoided suicide, and went back to work," laughs Church. Though produced on a variety show scale, the Holiday Special's Wookiee world (then called Kazhyyyk -- pronounced, oddly, as 'Kazook') did have an establishing shot of a Wookiee domicile rendered as a painting by Ralph McQuarrie. The set built for the show -- the inside of Chewbacca's home -- was a mix of flashy sci-fi tech and carved-from-wood naturalism

Any one who has ever sat through the Star Wars holiday special will know what they mean. I only ever recall seeing about half of this way back in the late 1970's or early 1980's as a kid when it was shown on TV. My vague recollection also includes a comic book style cartoon starring Boba Fett and that Chewie had a family and lived up in the treetops. A lot like Ewoks on steriods. For a crack-up review see

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