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Thursday, November 13, 2003

MORE TO KEEP THE BOAR'S HEAD TAVERN GUYS ENTERTAINED ... This one was composed nearly a decade ago, when the Pet Shop Boys released their cover version of the Village People hit, so some of the references are a bit dated now. But blowed if I'm going to tamper with the word that stands written ...

"Keep Left"
THATCHER - she is dead and gone
MAJOR - he is living on
CLINTON - is a redneck sleaze
KEATING - wants to bring back fees
YELTSIN - should be tried and jailed
CASTRO - is a light that failed
FRED NILE - shall face a People's Court
'COZ - he won't let you abort

Keep Left - life will be so great
Keep Left - once we've smashed the State
Keep Left - there'll be no more losses
Keep Left - once we've killed the bosses

TERRY - will be a commissar
EVAN - will drive a big black car
MELISSA - will make abortion free
BRYAN - will run the KGB

Keep Left - 'cause out hearts are pure,
Keep Left - and our numbers fewer
Keep Left - have no worries, darling -
Keep Left - we won't end up like Stalin

And then if the air ain't clean
we'll form a front between Red and Green
And too, 'cause we're so pragmatic
We'll tell the masses we're democratic …

Keep Left - now we'll seize the hour
Keep Left - set up workers' power
Keep Left - with our theory strong
Keep Left - how could we go wrong?

My last few parodies have been aimed at the Left. I'll post something soon to redress the ideological imbalance.

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